Carbon Dust Filter Fits Fresh Air 2.x, Surround, Everest - Reduces Odors

  • $ 29.95
  • Save $ 5

We have seen a need for this product for a long time and we have finally developed this product for the Fresh Air 2 series of air purifiers. This 7.25" x 7.25" carbon filter fits inside the back of your back filter to help reduce odors and dust inside your unit. 

Simply unsnap the two pieces of the back filter and add this filter to the back side and snap the pieces back together. Your purifier will stay cleaner and your air will be even fresher as the carbon absorbs some of the odors as the air passes through the unit. 

Includes 12 carbon filters, each one works for a full month. Change monthly when you clean your unit and Ozone plates. 

Made in USA by CP3 Inc.