**NEWLY-Designed Back Filter Features 3 Levels of Filtration Fits Fresh Air 2.0 and later

  • $ 34.99
  • Save $ 14

Why Design a New Filter?

We have been selling filters for air purifiers for many years. In the last couple of years, we realized that people wanted more than just a lint filter for their purifier, they wanted something that would help keep the inside of the unit cleaner. So, we began to sell Harsh environment filters and carbon filters as add-ons to the original filter that came with their unit. These have been very popular, so we thought, "Why not design a filter that uses these filters instead of simply filtering lint?" And we did!

Newly Designed Filter works on three levels!

We've taken our popular filtration materials and created a custom-fit filter holder that goes right in your air purifier and replaces the old one with added filtration features. 

  • The First Level is a Harsh Environment filter with small filtration for dust, pollen, smoke, and similar pollutants.
  • The Second Level is a standard polyfill Air Conditioning filter that keeps out larger items and provides a second layer of filtration.
  • The Third Level is an Activated Carbon Filter that helps to remove odors from the air that passes through the air purifier.

Combined, these filters provide fresh clean air and keep the insides of your purifier cleaner than ever before. They allow your unit to do its job on the air and stay working great longer, reducing the amount of work you have to do on a monthly basis!

Even More Great Features!

  • This is a permanent filter system!
  • The 3-part filtration is replaceable. Just replace them monthly for best results.
  • The package contains a three month supply of filters. Order more when you get low.
  • Replacement filter sets are available in 3-, 6-, and 12-month sets. 
  • Larger Area than standard filter provides better flow of air. 
  • Available only from CP3, Inc. and Eco-Sales. Made in USA!!
  • Guaranteed for 1 Full Year. Just return any broken product for replacement along with a copy of your original invoice. 
  • Customizable! If you don't need the harsh filtration, you can buy our carbon and polyfill filters and save even more!