Quick Connector 1/4" Plumbing Set of 3 Connector Types: "T", 90 degree and Water Ball Valve

  • $ 9.99
  • Save $ 14

These connectors allow you to quickly and cleanly connect and control 1/4" water hoses with simple push and pull quick connections. Just trim  your hose, insert into one of the connectors and pull back. That seals it. Then, insert a C-clip to assure it does not come loose. Kit includes:

  • one 1/4" to 1/4" Ball valve with handle control for on/off control of water
  • one "T" connector with 3 - 1/4" connections to allow you to tap into an existing water tube
  • one "90 degree" adapter with 1/4" connection on one end and a screw type connection on the other.

Great for having around the house!