About us

Over 40 years of computing experience...

CP3, Inc. has a long history of working with computers. CP3, Inc. is named after the owner/operator, Carl Powell III. 

Carl began his "love story" with computers as a senior in college at what is now Harding University. "Forced" to use the computer to enter decisions for a management simulation course, Carl soon began to take apart small programs and form them into other programs to do what they needed to help make their "management decisions" for the course. His team tied for first place that year. That was 1977 and the computer was a DEC PDP-11 with ADM3 and LA36 terminal stations.

Around 1980, Carl convinced his family's company, Powell Electronics, Inc., of Sheffield, AL to start carrying computers. They bought and sold a couple of S100 Systems from CDS and then got into the Franklin line of Apple clones. After a year or two of success with them, they moved on to get the Apple Dealership in November of 1984, just in time to carry Macintosh computers. 

Powell Computer Center spun off in 1986, growing each year until 1990 when they sold the company to Abax Data Systems of Huntsville, AL. Carl went to work with Abax as they became a MicroAge Affilate. He was the store manager and oversaw sales and service for the company. When times got tough in the computer industry, Microage was closed and Carl landed a job with Boeing Computer Support Services, supporting about 100 NASA engineers and support personel at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. After doing that for about 3 years, and writing a book on networking, Carl took a position with Dataflex as the K-12 Sales Agent for the state of Alabama for Apple Computer, Inc.

During the time Carl worked with Apple, sales to the schools in Alabama nearly doubled as he took sales from $4.7 million to over $7 million annually. Carl was also working as the Systems Engineer for the area because of his background as an Apple Service Technician and experience with all the Apple and Mac systems and networks. 

In 1996, Carl decided to go out on his own and started his own consulting company called AlaTec Associates. Working with schools and businesses, he assisted many clients with various issues and support. In 2001, he incorporated as CP3, Inc. and for a time, operated as Computer Consultants of North Alabama. 

Carl now works with local small to medium sized businesses helping them to have a great presence on the internet. You can trust Carl and CP3, Inc. They even have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

UPDATE: This site and the CP3 Products were sold in 2021 and are now operated under new management.