Securence Spam Filtering

Complete protection to eliminate threats.
Total email management iltering solution.

Established in 2001 and pioneers of signature-based spam detection, Securence is a global provider of email management iltering solutions in the cloud. Trusted by millions of customers, Securence inbound email iltering, anti-spam and anti-virus solutions provide complete protection to eliminate threats and safeguard your organization.

A fully managed email iltering solution with the lowest false positive returns in the industry, Securence has many unique feature sets, industry exclusives, and a multi- tiered web-based administrative console. To protect organizations – including small business, large enterprises, government, education, and non-proits – we scan billions of incoming and outgoing email before reaching your network and end users.

Securence successfully eliminates known and zero-day threats with 99.99% accuracy including malware, viruses, worms, malicious attachments, denial of service, and directory harvest attacks. Our comprehensive signature- based spam detection and phishing protection also includes personal permit and block lists to ine-tune spam preferences.

Securence developers are constantly adjusting our ilters as emerging threats are identiied while providing real- time protection with cutting-edge iltering technology along with zero-hour threat message analysis.


Features & Benefits

Inbound Email Management Filtering Solution

  • Advanced Spam Blocking & Monitoring – Deploys the largest signature-based spam detection platform in the industry with 15 layers of anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing iltering, using the most advanced methods of detection – no guessing games.

  • Email Shadowing – An industry exclusive, redeliver any inbound email in the past 120 days, assuring delivery and fast recovery of any missing or deleted message. Emails in the shadow interface are stored in a secure and encrypted state with restricted access.

  • Email Server Monitoring – Always be the irst to know if your email server is down. Securence sends email to your mail server every ive minutes (conigurable). If email fails its return trip to Securence in a pre-designated timeframe, we will alert the administrator via text messaging that the server is having issues processing mail.

  • Email Cloning / Message Forwarding – For complete versatility depending on your organization’s email needs, forward any user’s email to a diferent email address with an option to include the original address.

  • Advanced Routing – To facilite easy and seamless email migration, deliver an individual email address to one server and the rest of the email addresses at that same domain to another mail server.

  • Active Directory / LDAP Integration – Sync user email addresses from your existing directory structure to Securence. This allows for single sign-on and easy management of users and administrator interface as well as policy compliance.

  • Email Queuing – If a mail server or Internet connection fails, incoming mail is queued for 30 days, which will automatically be delivered once normal operations resume.

  • Spam Quarantine – Securence stores messages identiied as spam and provides a secure 120-day quarantine, which is accessible by administrators and end users. Additionally, provides end user email digests for personal quarantine management.

  • Message Trace Logs – Administrators can perform searches for any inbound or outbound message. Once located, easily retrieve entire SMTP detailed transaction logs. Key for troubleshooting and identifying issues associated within message delivery.

  • Email Footers and Headers – Easy and lexible creation of custom messaging at the top or bottom of every email sent by the organization, such as policy-based signatures and legal notices. Available per user or per domain.

    Securence is a SAS70 Type II audited operator. Our operations deploy in a secure and sophisticated hosting environment with redundant fail-over capabilities that are load- balanced among multiple redundant N+1 data centers, ensuring 100% uptime and reliability. Our facilities exceed GLB and HIPAA security standards as well as a number of compliances including PCI, Safe Harbor, and Sarbanes Oxley.