The Toilet Seat Solution Instructions - Stops Toilet Seat Movement


Step 1 - Remove mounting screws that hold the toilet seat to the ceramic toilet and place one of the two included rubber washers on each of the two mounting bolts between the lower washer/nut and then replace the nuts and tighten as you center the lid in place. The rubber washer should stop the nut from loosening as you use the seat, keeping it in place. If it does not hold, tighten a little more. 

Step 2 - Align the cushions: Position the two "Toilet Seat Solution" retainer cushions near the front of the toilet on each side with the short extension facing down on either side of the toilet. (See illustration) Make sure they line up with unused area on the main seat so there will be a good mounting position. 

Step 3 - Make sure both surfaces are clean, then, remove the backing on the double stick pads and place two on each cushion in the locations you identified in step 2. The placement should allow your seat to come down and both of the cushions should fit just outside the sides of the toilet bowl.  

Step 4 - Lower the seat on to the cushions while watching to make sure you are centered with the seat. Press down to verify that there is a good seating of the double stick pads. As you apply pressure, the double-stick pads should develop a good, strong bond.  

Optional Step 5 - If you have problems with the seat cushions staying in place, use the screws provided to permanently attach the cushions to the seat. A small, short, drilled pilot hole may help them screw in more easily. Do not over tighten as the screws could strip the wood out and cause them not to hold. Just tighten until snug.  

The cushions prevent the seat from moving either left or right and the washers keep the nuts from loosening from use. Your seat is now permanently set and should not move. 


The Toilet Seat Solution by CP3, Inc.