2x CP3 Brand Cleaning Accessory and Tube Extension for CPAP tubing Was $9.99 now $5.99

  • $ 5.99
  • Save $ 7

This handy accessory allows you to easily clean your CPAP hoses by attaching both ends to each other. With cleaning material inside, just rotate the hose end-over-end to clean the hose. When done, remove it from one end and rinse the hose. No mess! Or, if you feel "held-back" by your short hose at night, just attach this accessory to one end of your hose and another hose to the accessory. This will extend your hose by up to six feet! Now you have lots of room to move around while sleeping.

  • Made of Food Safe PLA Plastic made from Plants
  • Assists in Cleaning hoses, attach to both ends with cleaning liquid inside and rotate hose
  • Extend the length of your hose by attaching two together with this accessory
  • Made In USA - 3D Printed with PLA Plastic
  • Easy to Use!
  • Color may vary. Currently Black and White in each package. Moving to 2x Gray.