Pegboard Mounting Kit with Instructions by CP3, Inc. 12- or 24-set models

  • $ 12.99

Available in a 12-Pack (PBK12) or 24-Pack (PBK24) or Spacers ONLY (PBS12).


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NEW IMPROVED SPACERS Now our spacers are solid plastic for more stability and not as tall for more secure mounting of the pegboard.

  • Includes 24 Sets of Spacers, Washers, and Screws - Specially Designed Spacers STAY ON the screws while mounting!
  • FULL Instructions Included, no more guessing how to use the kit! Each spacer uses only one pegboard hole each making more of the pegboard available to mount hooks and store items
  • Most Complete Kit Available on Amazon, Includes all the parts you need
  • Easy to install and use, Minimal tools needed, just a screwdriver and level (Power Screwdriver recommended)
  • Works with most pegboard, designed specifically for 1/4" Pegboard holes

This is the most complete Pegboard Mounting Kit available today! This kit solves all the issues that have been seen with other kits.

  • This kit is designed for mounting pegboard TO STUDS IN THE WALL
  • Comes with 24 sets of spacers, screws, and washers. Enough for a full 4' x 8' sheet of pegboard
  • Plenty of spacers to mount no further than 2' apart all across the board. Designed for every 16" across, use even fewer with 24" Centers.
  • Heavy Duty 2-1/2" Screws (64mm) are long enough to go through pegboard, spacer, sheetrock and into the wall stud
  • Washers are provided to keep the screw heads from going through the pegboard, providing greater support
  • COMPLETE Instructions are provided in the kit to assist with mounting pegboard either Vertical or Horizontal
  • Hard Plastic Spacers are almost 2/3" Tall and about 2/3" wide. Made from hard Polypropylene Plastic so they will last.
  • NO RISK GUARANTEE: If the kit does not perform well for you, return it for a full refund. No questions asked.
  • Made in the USA
  • 24-set Pegboard Mounting Kit with Spacers, Screws and Instructions