DIY FA120 Lamp Circuit Upgrade to Electronic Ballast for EcoQuest FA 120, 1.5

DIY FA120 Lamp Circuit Upgrade to Electronic Ballast for EcoQuest FA 120, 1.5

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Do-It-Yourself Kit - Repairs Units when UV Lamp will not work

Upgrade kit for FA120/1.5 Fresh Air purifiers that fixes a problem where the UV Lamp will not light up. Replaces the Transformer and Starter with a new custom-designed electronic ballast system. All parts and instructions needed to install are included with this price. 

Up until now, when your Fresh Air FA120 stopped working with the UV Lamp, the only option has been to trade in your machine on a new one. We have stacks of old units where the main board has gone bad and will no longer work with the lamp. Something in the main circuit board stops it from working somehow. We've tried replacing parts, bulbs, starters, starter sockets, bulb sockets... and sometimes NOTHING seems to fix it. 

If your unit works, all but the UV Bulb, then this upgrade will repair it!

In testing this new upgrade, we have found that even some OLD bulbs are brought back to life and work again. Of course, a broken bulb will not work, and an old bulb may not produce enough UV light for the system. But this upgrade definitely repairs the UV Lamp circuit so it works again! 

Note: In order to install this upgrade, the front panel must be removed, the main chassis and main circuit board must be removed from the case, and it requires you to cut wires and splice them back together differently. Comes with fully illustrated step-by-step instructions with color photographs to guide you.