Collapsible Reel for Winding Filament, String, yarn and more MADE in USA Model 348

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This unit is discontinued. Please see the new model 350P

Model 350P Collapsible Winder

This is an economy version of a coiling machine used to coil small amounts of filament, cord, rope, etc. into 4" to 8" I.D. coils. It is not designed for winding wire or heavy cables but works great with lightweight items.

Simply feed the end of the item to be coiled onto the spool and wind as much as you like. When done, tie the coil to hold it together and slide the end of the reel outward to reduce the size of the spool. The coil easily removes off the end of the spool.

By making our unit from primarily plastic parts, we reduce the cost and shipping weight to save you money. If you have a light to moderate need for a coiling system, this one is right for you.

If you're considering a more expensive unit, but don't know if you need to spend that much money, try this one first. You will then know if you need something stronger, or you may just be fine with the economy version we sell.

Max Height: 16 Inches (fully extended)
Max Width: 13 Inches
Length: 15.5 Inches
Color: Black
Warranty: 1 Year Part Replacement
Manufacturer: CP3, Inc.
Part Number: 348P
Made in USA

  • Easily dispense smaller amounts of filament, cord, etc. into sample sizes or small coils
  • Center spool will adjust to from 4" to 8" I.D. for coiling product. Right hand or Left Hand Compatible with no modification.
  • Product ships 99% assembled, just attach two bolts to complete setup. Assembles in about 1-2 minutes.
  • Made in USA in Huntsville, AL. Guaranteed for 1 year. Free Replacement of Any Defective Parts.
  • Compare to lowest priced metal versions, you can save nearly $200! The least expensive metal version we found sells for $370-$400.