RCI Light Repair Kit - Solves "Replace RCI" issues for FA2.0, Surround

RCI Light Repair Kit - Solves "Replace RCI" issues for FA2.0, Surround

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If you replace your RCI and it does not work, this may solve your problem!

We can't tell you how many times we've sold a new RCI to someone and they contacted us to tell us it was not working, and asked us to replace it. However, the RCI is not what was wrong. Their purifier had stopped working properly. 

How can it be bad?

This is difficult for most purifier owners to comprehend. Their unit had been working just fine for years. Maybe the old bulb in their RCI still lit up, but it was old and needed to be replaced. So, they bought a new one and plugged it in. The result is often that either the light stays off, or the front panel still says "REPLACE RCI", or sometimes, the unit will not power on at all. 


We have discovered that over time, the components of the purifier either wear down, or take enough power surges, to finally stop working. They don't just QUIT, they wear down and a weak bulb may still light up. However, when you put a new bulb in that requires full power, the light no longer gets enough power to light and it can seem like it's shorting out the unit. We're not sure why this happens, but we have discovered it on a number of occasions.

What is the fix?

In the past, we could always repair this issue by replacing the main board on the system. However, this is the whole "brains" of the unit and is very expensive. The cost for a main board and installation could run close to $300-$400!! And now, the boards are no longer available for us to purchase, so that is no longer an option. 

But we don't give up that easily! We have worked to create a component that will replace the circuitry in your purifier that powers the RCI cell. It has been contained in a single module that can be plugged in to your unit to fix the problem. It could hardly be easier to install and should solve the problem for the life of your unit. 

  • Solves the problem by powering the UV Lamp in the RCI Cell
    (NOTE: The "Replace RCI CELL" error will continue because the unit can no longer "see" the RCI cell as we have bypassed it.)
  • Easy to install - Just plug N Play!
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED to install. Just a Philips screwdriver to remove the back cover!
  • Instructions included with photos to show you how to set it up.
  • All connections and wiring included. 
  • Guaranteed to solve the problem or we'll refund your purchase.