The Toilet Seat Solution - Stops Toilet Seat Movement

  • $ 10.95

Are you tired of leaning on your toilet and having the seat slide side to side, making you feel like you're about to fall off? Then, The Toilet Seat Solution™ is the answer!
  • Includes Two Rubber Toilet Washers (that fit on the underside of the bolts that hold the seat in place) to lock the bolts in place, keeping them from continually coming loose.
  • Includes two Specially-Designed spacers that attach to the lower side of the seat (See 2nd photo for placement) to lock the seat in place when the seat is down, eliminating side to side sliding.
  • Screws are provided if you want to mount the spacers permanently, but they will attach easily using the provided double-stick foam pads.
  • EASY to install and use, Minimal tools needed, just a screwdriver to install the washers.
  • GUARANTEED to stop Toilet Seat Sliding on your Throne! See Description Below for more details.

NOTE: Works on most toilet lids that have flat bottoms. Will not work with toilet seats that have curved areas on the underside. 

Instructions can be seen here.